KE. Palms Åkeri AB

Mellanköpingevägen 1 - 231 34 Trelleborg

Telefon: ​0410-597 80

Fax: 0410-597 99



Paragraph goods

Paragraph goods could be as small as a one box to bigger shipments. Palms Åkeri makes sure that your paragraph goods gets delivered in a safe and sound way. With 50 employes we can offer a wide range of services and if you hace any questions please contact us. There is almost nothing we at Palms Åkeri can manage and solve for our customers.

Safe transportation of your paragraph goods

Palms Åkeri gurantess a safe and proffesional deliverence, to the right address, on time, by competent staff that makes sure of a good customer experience. If you are looking for transportation of paragraph goods Palms Åkeri are the obvious choice.

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KE. Palms Åkeri AB  /  Mellanköpingevägen 1 - 231 34 Trelleborg  /  Telephone: 0410-597 80  /  Fax: 0410-597 99  /  Mail: